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A New Hedge Against Soaring Inflation Is Real Estate

Hedge against inflation

Over the past two years, booming markets have sparked a buying frenzy for everything from stocks and cryptocurrencies to new homes. The search for safe haven investments is now in full swing with inflation at a nearly 40-year high and at least rates increases priced in. 

Given that the asset class typically has a low correlation with equities and bonds, investing in real estate is regarded as one strategy to protect against inflation. Therefore, it makes sense that investor interest is increasing – although the housing market is extremely hot, there is a shortage of available homes, and mortgage rates are on the verge of rising.


Urban economics and finance expert Nikodem Szumilo, an associate professor of economics at University College London, reported receiving inquiries on this subject at least twice a week for the previous six months. He declared, “Inflation is fairly high, and raising rates won’t immediately help.” People are deciding what to do with their savings as a result.


Considering that mortgage rates are still low, several experts believe that purchasing real estate today is a wise move despite a heated and competitive market. Some claim that since real estate is so locally focused, it varies case by case and rural locations may not offer the same opportunities as big metropolises. However, in reality, it depends on a person’s situation and investing time horizon.

Here are some considerations that investors, both experienced and novice, are debating, along with expert advice.


Do real estate and inflation go hand in hand?


They don’t appear to be upon first inspection. While housing is based on demographic changes, construction, and overall supply, inflation is based on consumer prices.


But over time, because of salaries and interest rates, inflation and housing tend to go in the same direction. Wages are frequently raised by inflation, which raises budgets for renting and purchasing. In addition, when borrowing is inexpensive, as it currently is in the U.S. and other regions of Europe, inflation frequently occurs. This raises the demand for real estate as well.


Price fluctuations


United States inflation has changed separately from housing prices.

 There is a definite correlation between property prices and inflation, according to economist and professor of real estate finance at the University of Cambridge Colin Lizieri. According to him, over a longer period, like 100 years, home prices have generally kept pace with inflation and, in developed nations, have even outpaced it by 2% or 3%.


Real estate is a desirable investment due to the recent spike in inflation that hasn’t been seen in years.


According to Benjamin Miller, chief executive officer of real estate investment platform Fundrise, “Real estate provides an alternative to the stock market.” For the same reason that they invest in cryptocurrency, people invest in it. They are concerned about the state of the economy and demand alternatives.


What effects may inflation have on someone wanting to sell their home?


Inflation can have several effects on someone wanting to sell their home.

First, it increases the value of the home. This is because consumers need more money to buy the same amount of goods as they did previously, so they’re willing to pay more for homes that are selling at the same price point.


Inflation can increase the likelihood that people will move from one home to another to find a better deal. For example, if you’re buying a new car and there’s too much inflation in the market for cars, you might decide to sell your old car and buy a new one instead. This puts pressure on sellers who are trying to sell old cars at prices that are higher than what people would typically pay for them.


Is now the right moment to invest in multifamily?


After a turbulent economic year, many people are unclear if this is the right time to invest in multifamily or not? Fortunately, multifamily real estate is a secure investment. Managing a multifamily property is frequently seen as the most effective type of real estate ownership. 


Now is the time to think about your financial goals for the coming year also. Due to the long-term passive income it provides the investor, multifamily real estate is one of the best investment options. A multifamily investor may put their trust in a capable asset management team to take care of their investment and the property rather than worrying about the stock market or making trades.


Why you should make an investment in Multifamily Properties


Multifamily properties are, to put it simply, structures or complexes that contain many apartments. These units could be homes, condominiums, or apartments. The fundamental distinction between single-family homes and multifamily properties is how each type of property is used. Units in multifamily buildings are used as distinct living quarters.


This indicates that each unit has its own kitchen and that the building does not act as the residents’ primary house. The best strategy to diversify your real estate holdings and ensure steady income is to invest in multifamily properties. Because the property taxes and utilities for a larger structure are less expensive, it’s frequently more affordable than buying single family homes.


Apartment buildings are the most common kind of multifamily property. For a number of reasons, apartments are excellent investments. While often less expensive than homes, apartments nonetheless offer their residents the same degree of comfort and facilities as a home. Additionally, apartments offer a reliable source of passive income.


Investors find multifamily properties to be particularly appealing since they offer a consistent revenue stream with little work and no initial outlay. If you want to expand your portfolio without expending a lot of time or energy, investing in multifamily real estate gives you that choice. They provide a dependable source of passive income to help you accomplish your financial goals, making them a smart investment for anyone trying to improve their retirement income.




Multifamily Real estate can be a solid investment strategy that provides a hedge against inflation. By investing in real estate, you can begin to design an inflation-proof portfolio that puts your financial future in the hands of experts who know how to make money through smart investments.


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