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Niche Acquisition Strategy

Buy and hold cash-flowing multifamily apartment complexes with Upside Potential for growth in Emerging Real Estate Markets with Job Growth and Population Growth.

multifamily investment

Property Size

We target B and C multifamily properties from 500 to 2,000 units size. We focus on acquiring stabilized multifamily properties with proven Value Adds and positive cash flow from the day one.

multifamily investment

Value Adds

Acquire Properties with Minor Rehab, Re-positioning, Deferred Maintenance, Below Market Rents, Low Occupancy, and Ineffective Property Management and Appreciating the properties by taking advantage of Value Adds.

multifamily investment

Creating Value

Repositioning Property, Repositioning Tenants, Increasing Occupancy, Raise the Rents to Market Rents, and implementing Value-add strategies.

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Geographic Focus

Acquire apartment complexes in working class communities. Our strategy is to acquire and appreciate these multifamily apartment complexes in the Southeast and Midwest regions.

financial freedom with real estate investing

Clear Cut Exit Strategies

We sell our properties in 3-5 Years by taking advantage of Value-Add Appreciation. Or we may refinance them.

financial freedom with real estate investing

Strong Industry Fundamentals

Today's economic climate is making it more difficult for people to acquire home loans. This has created a tremendous demand for multifamily housing. Over strong relationships with lenders/banks have allowed us to acquire properties.

financial freedom with real estate investing

Professional Property Management Company

Working with Proven and Successful Professional Property Management Companies to effectively manage and oversee our assets. We have a strong asset management experience and do effective asset management of our properties.

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Attractive Returns

We strive for cash-on-cash returns of at least 8-10%. This high return rate, coupled with the equity built over time, make our multifamily investing approach a sought after option for any wealth building strategy.

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We use various terms of financing including Traditional Financing. Agency Debt, and Bridge Loans.

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Emerging Markets

Invest in markets with Job and Population Growth.